Broiler Finisher Feed

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  • 40 Kilograms

Broiler Finisher feeds account for the major cost of feeding and economic principles should be applied to the design of these feeds. Changes in body composition can be rapid during this period and excessive fat deposition and loss of breast meat yield need to be carefully considered.

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Pack Weight: 40 Kg
Type: Finisher
Form: Pellet
Guarantee period: three months
  1. Higher feed utilization rate and low disease incidences.
  2. It is highly balanced in nutrients and supplements.
  3. The feed particles are easy for chicks to pick up and ingest.
  4. Suitable for the healthy growth of the chicks in order to develop high immunity to face the possible stresses like diseases, climate, handling, etc.

Storage conditions:

Per pallet you can place up to four chicken feed bags in a 25 °C or below, dry place out of direct sunlight.


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