On Thursday, August 10th, a ceremony was held to honor the top researcher of Kimia Parvar Company. The event was attended by managers and employees of the company, and the CEO, Mr. Reza Fahmi, spoke about the exceptional efforts of Dr. Salmanzadeh, the manager of Kimia Parvar’s feed mill factory. He praised him for presenting effective scientific research articles in influential and prestigious academic and scholarly journals with high Impact Factor, which made the company proud.


Mr. Fahmi announced the establishment of a dedicated committee for evaluating scientific papers. He expressed the company’s goal to enhance scientific activities and actively promote the valuable contribution of the Kimia Parvar company to the production and dissemination of knowledge. By forming this committee, the company is encouraging its employees to engage in scientific pursuits and contribute to expanding knowledge in their respective fields. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of research and development, which will ultimately enhance its reputation within the global scientific community.


At the end of the ceremony, three colleagues, Mr.Bahmani , Mr.Mohammadzadeh and Ms.Badri who demonstrated remarkable achievements in their respective fields through diligent efforts and unwavering determination were bestowed with certificates of appreciation, baskets of flowers, and exquisite prizes.