This significant monetary infusion aims to improve various aspects of the industry, including its infrastructure, technology, and production systems. The investment is expected to bring about substantial advancements in the quality and quantity of livestock and poultry products throughout the country. This, in turn, will contribute to enhancing food security, creating employment opportunities, and facilitating potential exports.


The focus of this initiative lies in upgrading the industry’s infrastructure, such as modernizing farming facilities and livestock markets. Additionally, plans are in place to introduce advanced technology and equipment to optimize production processes and increase overall efficiency.


By investing in the sector, the aim is to witness significant growth and development within the livestock and poultry industry. This will not only strengthen the domestic market but also position Iran as a competitive participant in international trade.


Authorities are placing great emphasis on supporting and empowering the livestock and poultry industry, as it plays a vital role in the country’s overall agricultural sector. This industry makes a significant contribution to the national economy and offers livelihood opportunities for many individuals across various regions.


Overall, the 14 million dollars investment in Iran’s livestock and poultry industry represents a notable stride towards improving and expanding the sector. It seeks to ensure sustainable growth and meet the increasing demand for high-quality products, both within the country and in international markets.