Director of Agriculture organization, Mr. Akbar Fathi paid a visit to the newly opened Kimia parvar Slaughterhouse. Visiting the facility in person allowed staff to view the processing line and to talk with owner Mr. Reza Fahmi to understand how the slaughterhouse might benefit local producers as well as food service operators. Akbar Fathi, while visiting Kimia parvar integrated poultry production Company considered the return of investment as one of the most important factors in investing in a project and said: When a project is implemented in the form of an integrated chain, the problem of the supplying raw materials will be eliminated, and there will be no worries about the return of investment.

 Reza Fahmi, the chief executive officer stated that Kimia Parvar Co. bought a slaughterhouse in 2018 as part of a plan to expand the business and build a comprehensive integrated poultry production chain, and renovated it according to the latest European technology to produce 31000 tons poultry meat annually.